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6 Reasons to Get a Backup Solar Bank (and 4 reasons not to)

A sudden power outage on a stormy night when you’re watching TV isn’t the best way to retire to bed. Unless, of course, you enjoy spending hours in the dark with candles to keep you company.

If this isn’t a wake-up call to buy a backup solar bank, I don’t know what is. We outline 6 reasons why you need to get a backup solar bank.

What is a Solar Bank?

Solar banks work like smaller versions of portable power stations. They are portable devices that capture and store energy from the sun. This energy is then used to charge different appliances such as phones, laptops, cameras, and tablets.

Solar power banks exist in various sizes, from large ones to compact ones that can easily fit in your pocket. They are an excellent source of backup power during emergencies and for outdoor activities.

Why You Need a Backup Solar Bank

Apart from being the envy of your neighbor when the power goes out, here are other important reasons why you need to invest in a backup solar bank.

Provides a Low-Cost Source of Power 

You’re not a cheapskate simply because you want to save a few bucks on a backup solar bank. One huge advantage of solar banks is that they provide a cheaper source of power, cutting down on electricity bills. 

How much you will be able to save will depend on how frequently you use your solar battery. Plus, it also allows you to be more self-sufficient. That extra money can be used on important things like cat food.

Allows for Emergency Power

You never know when an emergency will strike next, whether it is a power blackout, a natural disaster, or your battery dying when you need it the most. But you won’t have to worry if you have a backup solar bank to cover up for you.

Having a solar bank means having access to a reliable source of energy, especially during dire situations. In a world where all sorts of things happen, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Source of Quiet Power

Solar banks are so quiet you’ll barely notice they are there. If you are tired of loud and obnoxious gas generators ruining your peaceful afternoons, then solar banks are an excellent solution.

They will help you enjoy the tranquility and peaceful nature without a generator humming in the background. And to top it up, you don’t need to worry about re-fuelling it frequently. Sit back and enjoy.

Can be Used in Remote Locations 

The fact that you can charge your solar bank off-grid makes them perfect for remote locations where there is intermittent and unreliable power supply. Whether you are camping or hiking (or charging your electric mountain bike!), solar banks keep you connected to the outside world.

In addition, these devices are compact and pocket-sized and can be easily carried around. And if you need a reliable power supply without any outages, you can opt for larger ones.

Allows for the Use of Renewable Energy 

If you love the environment as much as we do, then you’ll enjoy having a solar battery at home. Stand out and be among the many who don’t rely on fossil fuels. Solar banks use power from the sun, which is not only abundant but also renewable. 

Who doesn’t love the sun? It is gigantic, it is extremely powerful, and it is free! If your desire is to go green, using solar batteries is the perfect place to start.

Can be Used to Power Small Appliances 

Doesn’t matter how small your appliance is, solar power banks are designed to suit your needs. And that also means powering small appliances. Most of these banks have a capacity of between 1000 and 3000 mAh.

This is more than enough to power most small appliances. There are also other higher-capacity options for more robust power solutions.

Limitations of Solar Banks

There are two sides to the coin. While backup solar banks are an excellent way of providing backup power and harnessing renewable energy, they have their limitations. Here are a few.

Expensive Upfront

There’s no doubt that solar banks save you a lot of money in the long run. But the upfront cost of purchasing these devices is expensive. You need to purchase the panels, batteries, inverter, and wiring. 

On the bright side, Solar Paradise offers pretty decent incentives and discounts that you cannot afford to miss. Buy from us and get up to a 50% discount fee.

Sunlight is Limited

Solar energy is dependent on the weather to charge its batteries. And while the sun is free and available everywhere, some days are cloudy and overcast. This, in turn, drops the efficiency of the system. In addition, the energy isn’t collected at night.  

If you live in an area with limited access to sufficient sunlight, solar banks may not be the best option for you.

May Not be Ideal for Large Appliances

The size of a solar bank will dictate how much power it can generate. Most of these banks are small and medium-sized, meaning they’ll not be able to power large appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners. And if they do, it’s not for long. 

Negative Environmental Impacts

Solar energy is green and far less harmful to the environment than other energy sources. Even so, transporting these devices is associated with the emission of greenhouse gasses.

Manufacturing of the devices also includes the use of hazardous products and toxic materials, which affects the environment indirectly.

The Best Solar Power Banks

Now that you’ve known a few of the benefits of backup solar banks, how about you get yourself one or two. To save you the hassle, we’ve compiled three of the best solar power banks in the market. These should serve all your power needs.

Jackery Solar Panel Solar Generator Kit

There are premium solar banks, and then there is the Jackery 880 Solar Generator Kit. This is one of the best solar banks you’ll come across. And while it is expensive, every dime spent on it is worth it.

Its construction includes high-grade materials that are built to last. Plus, the kit is lightweight and easy to use. This is one of the best solar kits for your off-grid cabin, RV, or home.

Renogy 2x 100w 12v Monocrystalline Solar Premium Kit

If you’re looking for an efficient and reliable renewable energy source, the Renogy 2x 100w 12v Monocrystalline Solar Premium Kit is an excellent choice. The kit comes with two solar panels, both of which are of high quality.

The kit is easy to install, easy to use, and lightweight, making it the perfect companion for outdoor activities like camping. Upon purchase, you are also awarded MC4 connectors and a charge controller.

36000mah Solar Power Bank with LED Flashlight

This handy 36000mAh solar power bank had more than enough power to last you in the woods over the weekend. And what better way to charge your phone and camera?

A standout feature of this solar bank is its LED flashlight which comes in handy during emergencies. Plus, it is affordable, making it an excellent alternative for those who can’t afford the previous two solar banks.


It’s no secret that technology is revolutionizing the world. And with backup solar banks in place, the future for a better world has never been brighter. Solar banks are rapidly increasing in popularity, and we can only expect this trend to continue.

The result is even better products in the future. So, don’t be left out. Check out our solar power bank collection and grab yourself one or two kits. Feel free to contact us if you have any problems or inquiries. We are more than happy to help!

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