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Our Favorite Dual Fuel Generators for Sale

We live in an energy-filled world where we need electricity to do almost everything, from communicating with family and friends to cooking food. While you can usually rely on power grids and service providers for your electricity, you may find yourself at a place or time without on-the-grid power.

You may be working onsite, camping, or experiencing bad weather and power outages. That's where a portable generator comes in handy, giving you peace of mind knowing you have power wherever you go. There are numerous options and factors to consider when choosing the ideal type of generator, and dual-fuel generators could be an excellent option for all your needs. 

So, what is a dual fuel generator? Read on to learn more about the best dual fuel generators for sale. 

What is a Dual Fuel Generator?

A dual fuel generator is a backup power source offering two fuel options to generate power giving you the flexibility and freedom to power your generator using liquid propane or gasoline. You can always switch between the two fuel sources with a quick turn of a knob. It gives you peace of mind that you can access power no matter the situation, such as natural disasters.

 For instance, earthquakes and hurricanes can disrupt the gasoline supply and leave you without power. So, how does a dual fuel generator work exactly? They use a combination of natural gas, propane, gasoline, or diesel and switch between fuels automatically or manually.

Different fuels have pros and limitations, and using two fuels can leverage every type's advantages and reduce any downside. Besides, using two fuel options, such as propane or gasoline, offers numerous opportunities to store and refill your fuel. 

Benefits of Dual Fuel Generators 

Below are the pros of using a dual-fuel generator:

Increased Fuel-Efficiency

Most portable dual generators use a mixture of diesel and natural gas, with diesel used mainly during ignition. Once the generator powers on, it incorporates natural gas into the engine. Conventional dual fuel generators usually run 25% on diesel mix and 75% on natural gas. Since natural gas burns longer and produces more power per unit, efficiency is increased compared to using a single-fuel diesel generator. 

Better for the Environment

Dual fuel generators usually are more eco-friendly than diesel or single-fuel gasoline generators. The EcoFlow Smart Generator's cleaner propane and highly efficient engine produce less greenhouse gas emissions than other generators

Considerations When Looking at Dual Fuel Generators for Sale


Size is an important factor to consider for emergency equipment. As a rule of thumb, the smaller the generator, the lower the power output, and vice versa. You can find a compact generator weighing around 40 lbs but producing a power output of 3,000 watts or lower. On the other hand, the larger generators can weigh up to 250 lbs with transportation wheels but can produce over 15,000 watts. 

Power Output 

The power output from dual fuel generators varies greatly, with the most powerful ones pumping well over 12,500 watts. In comparison, the smaller models produce around 5,000 watts. So, depending on your home's appliances and your power usage, you can assess your power usage and get a generator that will give you the ideal power output.

With the never-ending blackouts, often due to overstretched energy grids or weather changes, you must have a backup power solution for your home to work, no matter the situation. 

 Fuel Type 

As previously stated, dual fuel generators usually use two fuel sources, propane or gasoline, as emergency substitute sources of energy. The fuel and size capacity varies, but most generators can use liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and fuel tanks using unleaded gasoline. Besides, different fuel sources have advantages and limitations. Therefore, depending on your situation, you can select the one that uses the fuel that best suits your needs. 

Top Dual Fuel Generators for Sale 

Below are our favorite fuel generators for sale:

Pulsar Portable Dual Fuel Generator 

The Pulsar PG5250B dual fuel generator is ideal for the convenience of power to perform and portability. The generator can operate on liquid propane or gasoline with a simple switch flip. Besides, you can get any job done as it is perfect for outdoor activities, home use, and job sites. 

It features a sturdy powder coat steel frame, state-of-the-art technology, no-flat tires, and a fold-down locking handle, making it a worthy portable power investment. It comes with Switch and Go technology that allows you to seamlessly switch between gasoline or propane fuel sources as the generator runs. 

Pulsar Portable Dual Fuel Generator with Electric Start

The Pulsar PG15KVTW Portable Fuel Generator is the perfect solution when the lights go out. It produces 15,000 peaks and 12,000 rated power watts to help you during a blackout. In addition, it operates on unleaded gasoline with a 10.6-gallon fuel tank for extra runtime. It is a dependable and efficient power source.

This model is designed to last for years of use, sporting a 713cc, V-Twin Cylinder engine, a heavy-duty powder-coated frame with lifting bar, folding handles, and large never flat wheels for easy handling and durability. Also, it has an easy electric start for a quick start. 

EcoFlow Dual Fuel Smart Generator 

The EcoFLow Dual Fuel Smart Generator is an efficient and smart generator using liquid propane (LPG) and unleaded gasoline as fuel. It is ideal for Delta Max, Delta Pro, and Power kits. It comes with an out of between 1600-1800 W and a 4L gasoline tank that can power up to 20kWh with propane and up to 5.4kWh with gasoline. This is enough power supply for an average family for around five weeks in case of emergencies. 

By incorporating propane as a second fuel source, this dual fuel generator can provide indispensable flexibility during extended power outages making it the perfect backup power supply for motor homes or homes. The propane in the LPG tanks requires much less maintenance and allows for longer storage than gasoline. 

Also, propane uses less energy per kWh and releases fewer toxic fumes. The smart generator automatically starts when connected to one of the EcoFlow power stations during downtimes. It automatically stops again when the Power Kits, Delta max, or Delta Pro are fully charged.

You can also use the EcoFlow application to control your smart generator at the touch of a button. You can monitor and manage your smart generator's settings with the app. For example, in an emergency, you can automatically use the app's settings to top up the battery system to prevent power loss. The EcoFlow smart generator also has a display on the front displaying all the information you need, such as oil and carbon monoxide levels. It has five security alerts and four ways to start.


Dual fuel generators usually use two fuel options, normally gasoline and propane, to generate power. This means they can help keep your light, cooling and heating systems and other essential appliances running if you stay off-grid or during a power outage. Propane is normally the primary fuel source since it has an unlimited shelf life. The generators are also durable, increase fuel efficiency, are more eco-friendly, and have a longer runtime in an emergency.

So, if you've decided that a dual fuel generator is right for you, browse the Solar Paradise collection of Dual Fuel Generators for Sale to find the one that suits your needs. If you have any questions or need more information about dual fuel generators, you can always (and always contact the Solar Paradise Customer Support team, who'll be happy to help.

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