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Best Marine Solar Panels

Boating is an ancient and time-honored skill. It’s also an enjoyable hobby. Getting on the water can provide hours of relaxation and allow one to do everything, like fishing, sightseeing, or simply getting away from work and home for a while.

However, any boat will need the power to energize everything from cell phones to navigation equipment. Just imagine the dread of sailing dead in the water with nothing to charge your phone or use the navigation. You also need to power cooking equipment and lighting. Getting solar panels installed on your boat can be a simple and hands-off way to get the energy you need while on the water. In that way, you can lessen your dependence on smelly, noisy, and dangerous gas-powered generators. 

Here is our list of the best marine solar panels and a breakdown of the most notable features they can offer you.

Renogy 2x 550 Watt Solar Panels


Renogy is a brand that stands out in producing high-quality and easy-to-set-up products that can help power everything from an RV to a shed to a boat. The Renogy 2x 550 Watt system is a powerhouse of energy that is perfect for boaters.

The two highly efficient 550-watt Monocrystalline panels can provide 2200-2700 combined watt-hours per day, depending on sunlight availability. This gives you commercial levels of power, and can keep you connected and safer on the water for longer. 

The high efficiency of these panels makes them ideal for longer trips on the water and can maximize the benefits of any good, sunny weather that comes your way. These panels are also ideally suited for powering marine batteries. They are durable and corrosion-resistant, meaning they can take a beating from wind and bad weather you may encounter on the water. Complete your on-boat setup with a separate solar charge converter, inverter, batteries, and wiring cables.

Nature Power Semi-Flexible Solar Panel


Nature Power has developed a uniquely flexible and paper-thin solar panel that does great in rougher or more rugged environments. It’s portable and lightweight solar panel.

These well-built and durable panels can be mounted via suction cups to windows and can also be mounted permanently outdoors. That means no need to drill holes to attach the panels.

The flexible design of the panels makes them ideal for smaller boat cabin spaces, as well as roof-top configurations. Use it to power small pumps, communication devices, and equipment on your boat. This is an easy and user-friendly way to get free power on the open water, and reviewers praise its reliability and power output. 

The flexible design of the Nature Power Semi-Flexible makes it easy and quick to install. The little panels can operate from freezing point to well above the hottest summer days. This is perfect for boaters.

Nature Power 215 Watt Monochrystalline Panel


The Nature Power 215-watt solar panel is well-built and durable, featuring an aluminum frame. It’s a high-quality panel that can last for years. 

Nature Power excels in producing eco-friendly and high-quality items for outdoor use. Use this panel to help power up small items, a GPS, communications equipment, and more. Make sure your solar panel can handle storms, rain, salt water, and wind with Nature Power. 

This is a great panel for mounting on the roof of a boat, and the well-crafted and rugged materials will ensure that this solar panel can take a beating on a lake or on the sea. They can match the output of larger panels and are easy to install and set up.

Rich Solar Flexible Solar Panel Kit


It’s great to have a solar panel on hand. But what if you want everything meant to come with the panel, too? The Rich Solar Flexible Solar Panel Kit is a popular all-in-one setup that can help you get solar power for your boat faster. 

This 160-watt kit has a solar panel, a charge controller, and all needed wiring and cabling. This includes wiring meant to connect to a battery pack (though the battery pack is not included). 

This nifty little system mounts with adhesive, not screws, and is easy to set up on top of your boat. It’s durable enough for windy environments and less prone to theft or damage. The solar panel is flexible, like a roll of paper, and can be mounted quickly. 

The charge controller gives you a digital read-out of volts, amps, and amp hours. Use this easy-to-install and complete solar kit to get your boat solar-ready in less time, with fewer steps.

Heliatos Boat Solar Water Heater Kit


Here we have something a bit different. The Heliatos Boat Solar Water Heater Kit is meant to use used to simply power your in-boat water heater, giving you to get hot water in your larger houseboat without having to resort to a gas-powered generator. 

This smaller unit contains everything your need to set up and mount to your existing water heater. You’ll get a small solar panel, a solar circulation pump, a secondary solar panel to power the pump, mounting tabs, PEX tubing, and all necessary fittings and adapters. 

This smaller kit is a great way to help you retain access to hot water onboard while saving fuel. It’s easy to set up and can supply your existing on-boat water heater with everything it needs to run effectively and keep you comfortable.


Boating can be relaxing and exciting, but boats need power to keep everyone safe, moving and connected. Adding solar power to your boat is a smart and easy way to save on fuel costs and help your boat run a little greener, too. 

They’re easy to install and quietly provide power when you need it. Built to endure bad weather and rough seas, marine solar panels are durable, well-made, and a smart addition to your large or small watercraft.  You’ll need solar panels, a charge converter, wiring, and mounting brackets to ensure everything’s safely installed and usable. 

Best of all, we’ve made these products easy to install and effortless to enjoy. Try out any of the above solar panels or solar panel kits on your boat, and save yourself energy, money, and noise pollution, too!

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