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Best Solar Inverters

Looking to go solar and not sure what equipment you’ll need? You have the solar panels in place, ready to start saving money and living a little cleaner. But setting up your home or camper to go solar is a little more complicated than installing solar panels. You’ll need a way to hook up your panels to your home or RV, and you’ll need an electric solar inverter. 

A solar inverter is an indispensable piece of equipment for those seeking to use solar power to power up their RV or home. Simply put, a solar inverter converts the direct current output of energy from a solar panel into alternating current power, which can then be used to power the items we use to stay warm or to light our homes. Lines will run from the panels to the inverter and from the inverter to batteries, power banks, or electrical units. 

Without the inverter, the energy stored in the solar panels can not be used by consumers. The energy needs a way to transfer to batteries and appliances and to be usable by these devices. The solar inverter makes this possible and streamlines all the different forms of energy for you. It also makes this energy transfer safer, by allowing electrical currents to pass through a more manageable and integrated control system. 

So having one of these units on hand is vital; nothing will work properly without an inverter. So what are the best solar inverters on the market, and what features do they offer? 

Renogy 700-Watt 12v Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Let’s start with this little guy. The Renogy 700-watt pure sine wave inverter is a small device for on-the-go energy conversion. The Renogy 700 won’t set you back too much and will allow you to convert solar energy for personal use. This can be incredibly handy in emergencies, camping, or for powering a laptop or a mobile phone. 

Providing 700 watts of continuous power, The Renogy 700 inverter is safe to use and simple to use. It has a USB port, two AC outlets, and an easy-to-read LED display to indicate operation status. The 12 VDC input is perfect for all types of batteries, and ventilation fans keep things cool and running safely. Needing only 0.0096-kilowatt hours to power itself, this inverter is very power efficient and economical in the short and long term. The Renogy 700 also has a nifty little remote and works with all 12v lithium batteries. 

Renogy 3000-Watt 12v Pure Sine Wave Inverter

A slightly bigger brother to the Renogy 700, the Renogy 3000 provides a little more power while remaining compact and portable. This is a slightly more expensive investment that can still do you a world of good in tight emergencies. 

The Renogy 3000 has three AC outlets, one USB outlet, and a remote for convenience. It is equipped with dual fans to keep things cool and safe, this inverter is perfect for camping, boating, and road trips. Take one in your truck or semi, and use it with your small solar panel for immediate off-grid energy conversion. 

If you love getting out on adventures, the Renogy 3000 is a perfect companion. Measuring 19 inches x 9 inches, it is portable and can fit in any vehicle, truck, or RV. It will keep you powered up at temperatures between -4 F and 158 F, making this inverter ideal for extreme weather climates. Use your mobile solar panels in any situation to convert sunlight to AC energy, and you’ll be comfortable and connected no matter what.

SunGold Power 6500-Watt Inverter


The SunGold Power is a beautiful, high-tech, and easy-to-use solar inverter. It’s a beautiful and high-powered unit, built to last for years. At 6500 watts and 120 volts of output, this powerful little unit can be used alone or in conjunction with as many as five other units as parallel kits for more significant power needs. 

It works with acid-based and lithium-ion batteries, which means it can power older appliances, car batteries, and newer technology. There’s nothing this device can’t tackle. It’s a significant investment to make your solar system come alive and work for you. 

The SunGold Power has an LED display that allows users to monitor input and output and readily understand power issues and usage. The AC input and output connectors, current sharing port, parallel communication port, and battery connectors will be directly beneath this display. USB and BMS connector ports are also available. It’s an incredibly compact and all-in-one device that provides all the unit's hookups and switches. 

The massive inverter can also be monitored via an app on a smartphone, available for Android and iOS. Take all information about your inverter with you on the go, and be alerted of any problems immediately. 

With three load output working modes, SunGold Power gives you options to choose and prioritize power sources. For example, you can set the device to use primarily solar power and rely on the grid only when solar is unavailable. Or, you can depend on the grid-primarily and rely on solar only when the grid goes down. Lastly, you can depend on solar primarily, battery power secondarily, and grid/utility power only if battery power is low. This puts the user in control of how energy is derived and allows users to customize their power use to meet their needs.  

You can use it for home, commercial spaces, RVs, and even getting power on a boat or a yacht. The SunGoldPower is a high-quality inverter that is versatile and easy to use. The package will include the inverter, user manual, applicable cables, cable glands, and PV connectors. 


Whether you’re looking for a larger unit for your home or a smaller unit for your boat or camper, these devices from Solar Paradise can meet your needs. They’re well-made, simple, intuitive, and can last for years. Don’t be without a solar power inverter. 

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