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Yay, or Nay? A Comprehensive Review of the Pulsar 3250 Generator

It is strikingly beautiful, compact, and overtly sturdy. The Pulsar 3250 Generator is small enough to fit in outdoor environments such as fishing, hunting, and camping and large enough to operate a major appliance.

Coming from a reputable brand with a reputable history—Pulsar—it’s not surprising that the 3250 is every user’s talk, but rightfully so.

In our comprehensive review, we thoroughly test the Pulsar 3250 Generator to truly understand its capabilities.

Overview of the Pulsar 3250 Generator

Here’s what you should expect from the Pulsar Generator 3250


Engine: 208cc

Fuel: Gasoline

Fuel Capacity: 4 Gallons 

Running Watts: 2500 W

Peak Watts: 3250 W

Product Weight: 85 lb

Product Dimensions: 23.6” L, 17.5” W, 19.3” H

Warranty: 1 Year

Price: Check Price

Construction and Design

Pulsar 3250’s design focuses on resilience and practicability. Its exterior boasts a rugged and sturdy build, capable of withstanding the rigors of outdoor environments. It resists scratches, weather elements, and impacts, adding to its longevity.

It features a user-friendly control panel diligently laid out to provide easy access to the generator’s functions and features. Its design also helps minimize noise and vibration and ensures a quiet operation.


There are lightweight generators then there is the Pulsar 3250. Its 87 lbs of dry weight makes moving it easy. Additionally, its open frame design raises the generator above ground level. So you can lift it easily and move it without much difficulty.

This makes the generator ideal for challenging outdoor environments. Thanks to its compact design, the generator will occupy minimum space during transportation and storage.

There are also wheels and built-in handles for further portability. This generator’s thoughtful design makes it highly portable and reliable, especially when on the move.

Power Output

Power output, typically measured in watts, is the maximum power a generator produces at any given time. It determines the number of appliances or devices that the generator can support.

Pulsar 3250 peaks its power output at 3250 watts but will operate at 2500 watts. This power will comfortably support low and medium-watt devices such as laptops, fans, lights, and small kitchen appliances.

It will, however, struggle with high-wattage appliances such as air conditioners and power tools that demand a lot of energy.


This modest generator has a fuel capacity of 4 gallons, around 15 liters. It runs on gas and will operate for roughly 16 hours at 50% load with a full tank. But again, the run time depends entirely on the load and power demands.

There are other generators with a larger fuel capacity than this. If you have demanding power needs, there may be better choices than this. You can opt for models like the Pulsar HD6580B 5500W Portable Dual Fuel Generator.


Pulsar equipped this generator with a few features making it easy to use. For instance, a light indicator lights up once the oil level is low. It also has a built-in fuel gauge that allows users to check the gas level quickly and conveniently.

There is a circuit breaker for safety purposes. It shuts off automatically when there is an overload or when the oil is very low.


One of the standout features of this generator is its remarkably quiet operations. The last thing anyone wants is a noisy generator competing with laughter and conversations.

68 dBA is impressive for a gas generator and is considered ‘somewhat noisy.’ While it cannot be compared to electric generators, you can still enjoy your night’s sleep. For comparison, the Pulsar 12000 Watt Generator has a 74 dB noise rating.

Should You Buy the Pulsar 3250 Generator?

The Pulsar 3250 Generator isn’t the most powerful generator around, but that’s only because it is designed for outdoor recreation. It is light, travel-friendly, and will provide you with reliable power to run several small devices or one major appliance.

The generator is an excellent option for you if you:

  • Are looking for something quiet and easily portable…
  • Your power needs are not demanding…
  • Are tight on budget…

If the Pulsar Generator 3250 has piqued your interest, now is the best time to get it. Contact us today to learn how this amazing power solution can enhance your outdoor adventure. Make every moment count with power on the go.

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