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Anker SOLIX F1200 (PowerHouse 757) 1229Wh | 1500W

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(800) 557-4962

Mon-Sun 8am-8pm EST

Anker SOLIX F1200 (PowerHouse 757) 1229Wh | 1500W

Anker SOLIX F1200 (PowerHouse 757) 1229Wh | 1500W

Anker SOLIX F1200 (PowerHouse 757) 1229Wh | 1500W

Anker SOLIX F1200 (PowerHouse 757) 1229Wh | 1500W

Your Final Price: (Includes Free Shipping + No Add'l Fees Added At Checkout)

Anker SOLIX F1200 (PowerHouse 757) 1229Wh | 1500W


Anker SOLIX F1200 (PowerHouse 757) 1229Wh  1500W- with couple using product in camping adventure

The Electric Extravaganza of Your Dreams! 

Say hello to the sizzle, the spark, the absolutely electrifying Anker SOLIX F1200! This isn't just power—it's a celebration of energy. Let's dive into the world where watts and whimsy waltz together in a vibrant dance.

Celebrate the Power Fiesta!

With a thunderous 1229Wh and a party-popping 1500W, the SOLIX F1200 is like a power-packed festival in a box. Why just charge when you can celebrate every electron!

Travel-Ready Tango

Despite its muscular energy, the SOLIX F1200 sports a sleek and portable design, always ready to join you in your next adventure. Beach party? Camping trip? This dynamo is game for anything!


  • InfiniPower™Design: Integrating the power of LiFePO4 batteries, ultra-durable materials, and the latest temperature control system, PowerHouse is built to last over a decade, even with everyday use.
  • Massive Capacity of 1229Wh | 1500W: Conveniently power almost 95% of home appliances, from microwaves and fridges to power drills and high output lights. 
  • HyperFlash™ AC Recharging, 80% in 1 Hour: Instead of anxiously waiting for the average of 5.6 hours, recharge to 80% in just 1 hour with our industry-leading technology, HyperFlash™.
  • 300W Max Solar Recharge: Charge from 0 to 80% in 3.6 hours.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply with Official Certification: Get non-stop reliable power with a switchover time of less than 20ms.
  • All Your Devices. One PowerHouse: Charge 13 devices simultaneously.
  • Components with 5XLonger LifePowerHouse lasts 5X longer due to its industrial-grade electronics, advanced circuit design, and superior cooling system.
  • Unibody Drop-Proof Design: Even on the roughest adventure, PowerHouse is built tough to endure accidental drops, extreme sun, and even flames.
  • Long-Lasting LiFePO4 Batteries: With electric vehicle-grade batteries inside, PowerHouse remains healthy for 3,000 cycles—10 years of power.
  • 3-Mode Light Intensity: Three levels of LED light intensity and an emergency SOS mode will back you up in the dark.
  • Save Battery Life: Power-Saving mode prolongs standby time, minimizing battery damage.
  • Unprecedented 5-Year Warranty And 10-Year Lifespan: Have confidence that your purchase is made to last. We stand behind PowerHouse with an unprecedented 5-year warranty.


SKU A1770111
Total Outlets: 9
Capacity: 1229Wh
AC Output: 1500W
Solar Recharge Input: 300W
Battery Type: LFP (LiFePO4) Batteries
Item Model Number: A1770
Number of Ports Total: 9
USB-C ×2
USB-A ×4
Car Outlet ×1
AC Outlet ×2
USB-C Output 1: 5V⎓3A/ 9V⎓3A/ 15V⎓3A/ 20V⎓3A 20V⎓5A (100W Max))
USB-C Output 2: 5V⎓3A/ 9V⎓3A/ 15V⎓3A/ 20V⎓3A (60W Max)
AC Output (Bypass Mode): 220-240V~, 50Hz, 1500W Max
AC Output (Inverter Mode): 230V~, 50Hz, 1500W Max
USB-A Output: 5V⎓2.4A ( 2.4A Max Per Port )
Car Charger Output: 12V⎓10A
AC Input Voltage: 220-240V~ , 50Hz
AC Input Power (Charging): 1000W Max
AC Input Power (Bypass Mode): 1440W Max
XT60 Input: 11-30V⎓ 10A (300W Max)
Battery Type: LFP (LiFePO4) Battery
Battery Cycle: 3,000
Warranty: 5 Years
UPS: 20ms
Environmental Operation Temperature
Discharging Temperature: -4°F-104°F / -20°C-40°C
Charging Temperature: 32°F-104°F / 0°C-40°C

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