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BougeRV 100W 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel Kit

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$523.98 $261.99
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(800) 557-4962

Mon-Sun 8am-8pm EST

BougeRV 100W 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel Kit

BougeRV 100W 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel Kit

$261.99 $523.98
BougeRV 100W 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel Kit

BougeRV 100W 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel Kit

Your Final Price: (Includes Free Shipping + No Add'l Fees Added At Checkout)
$523.98 $261.99
You Save: $261.99 50%

BougeRV 100W 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel Kit

The BougeRV 100 Watt 12 Volt Solar Starter kit is the best choice for you as a starter to an off-grid system. This Solar kit can be used for Multiple off-grid applications such as RVs, trailers, boats, sheds cabins and so on. It provides a constant supply of power to your battery. Don't worry about batteries going dead between trips or while docked.


  • High solar cell efficiency: Monocrystalline 21.9%
  • Half-cut Cells Technology: Compared with the Standard module, the current is reduced by half, the resistance loss is reduced, so the heat is reduced Reliable


  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum material can withstand the change of the outdoor environment and prolong its service life.
  • Aerodynamic Design could disperse the air flow smoothly to reduce air noise and fuel waste by minimizing the wind resistance, and you can barely hear any noticeable sound.
  • IP65 rated junction box provides complete protection against environmental particles and low-pressure water jets.


  • Sealed, Gel Flooded and Lithium charging algorithm ready. 
  • Li 30 Amp PWM Solar Charge Controller is Compatible with 12v/24v batteries (SLD, FLD, GEL, LiFePO4, ternary lithium battery and LTO battery) and is able to auto resettable after protected shut-off, also able to wake up dormant lithium battery after setting to Li battery ensures rapid, efficient, and safe battery charging.


  • Pre-drilled holes on the back of the panel allow for fast and secure mounting. 
  • Li 30Amp PWM Solar Charge Controller, 6 protections ( over-temperature, open-circuit, short-circuit, overload, reverse prevention circuit, reverse current protections ).


  • With the Li 30A PWM Charge Controller, you can expand your system up to a maximum of 360W (12V) and 720W (24V). The BougeRV 100W Monocrystalline Expansion Kit is the perfect solution for future expansion.


  • SKU: KIT01-ISE112

100 Watt Mono Solar Panel

  • Peak Power Pm (W): 100W
  • Solar Cell: Monocrystalline & 9BB Cell
  • Open circuit voltage Voc (V): 21.4V
  • Package diameter: 40.35* 22.44 * 2.56 in
  • Max.power voltage Vmp (V): 18.15V
  • Product diameter: 39.17 * 21.26 * 1.38 in
  • Short circuit current Isc (A): 6.11A
  • Net Weight : 16.97 lbs(7.7 kg)
  • Max.power current Imp (A): 5.51A
  • Warranty: 18 Months
  • Solar cells Efficciency: 21.9%

30Amp PWM Solar Charge Controller

  • Nominal Voltage: 12V/24V
  • Rated Charge Current: 30A
  • Max. PV Input Voltage: 50 VDC
  • Operating Temperature: 31 °F to 140 °F
  • Common Ground: Positive Ground
  • Weight: 0.64 lbs/10.24 ounces
  • Backlight Display Time: 15s off without operation
  • Compatible Battery Types: SLD(lead-acid battery), FLD Battery, Gel Battery,Lithium-ion Battery, LiFePO4, Ternary Lithium Battery
  • No-load loss: <8mA
  • The maximum allowable voltage of battery terminal: <32V
  • Light control delay: 1 minute
  • Dimensions: 6.26*3.94*1.53 in.

    20ft 10AWG Solar Extension Cable 

    • Rating Voltage: -DC :1.8KV -AC: 0.6~1KV
    • Degree of Protection: IP65
    • Fire Rated: IEC60332-1
    • Temperature: -40~﹢90℃
    • Service life: >25 years( -40~﹢90℃)
    • Weight: 2.2 pounds
    • Wire Gauge: 10AWG
    • Length: 20Ft
    • Normal Cross Sectional Area of the Conductor (mm2): 6.0 

    8ft 10AWG Wire Copper Tray Cable

    • Specification: 8ft 10awg (6 square meters)
    • Material: tinned copper
    • Withstand voltage: DC 1000V
    • Current: 30A
    • Temperature: -20℃-80℃
    • Copper ring material: brass and tin-plated
    • Aperture: 10mm Thickness: 0.8mm

    Mounting Z Bracket Mount Kits 

    • Weight:0.996KG / 2.19 lb.
    • Suitable for ≥ 600 Watt solar panel
    • Application: PV module installation on RV or boat
    • Material: Aluminum corrosion-free construction

    Package Includes

    •  1 Piece 100 Watt Mono Solar Panel

    • Li 30A PWM Solar Charge Controller

    • 20ft 10AWG Solar Extension Cable

    • 8ft 10 AWG Wire Copper Tray Cable

    • Mounting Z Bracket Mount Kits

    Tips: Due to accessories for this solar kit from different warehouses, will be separated into several packages.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Tonia P.
    Works perfectly

    Perfect for my motor home, used the battery at night,it had no problem recharging the battery in half a day! I love it!

    Raymond M.
    A++++++ All the way

    No complaints from this first-time buyer!! Will buy it again!

    Tami E.
    Will purchase more!

    Love it, great for our solar power system for our off-the-grid home, I will purchase more!

    Jimmy M.
    Five Stars

    Good product and had no issues with installation! This is the second kit I have installed on a motorhome!

    Brandon M.
    Great solar panel kit!

    I needed a basic power set up to charge my battery-powered tools, misc camping gear, and a light in my shed.

    I was quoted a couple of thousand dollars to run power to my sheld, that wasn't worth the cost. This was the best solution for what I needed. It only took me about 2 hours from unpacking to begin charging.

    Would recommend this for anyone in the same situation I was in!!!!!