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Best Dual Fuel Generators for Emergency Backup Power

When the power goes out unexpectedly, you need a backup plan that you can trust. The best dual fuel generators can help you stay prepared for any situation. They let you switch between propane and gasoline, so you can keep your essential appliances running smoothly, whether it’s during a storm or an emergency.

In this guide, we’ll help you find the best dual fuel generators for your needs. We’ll show you the most reliable options for backup power, and explain what features, benefits, and factors you need to consider before buying one. 

With our help, you’ll be able to choose the best dual fuel generator for your peace of mind when the lights go out.

Best Dual Fuel Generators

Amidst the abundance of options in the market, it’s essential to focus on the top-tier choices. Ensuring your investment maintains its value over time is paramount. This review is dedicated exclusively to showcasing the best dual fuel generators currently available.

Explore our comprehensive dual fuel generator reviews below:

PULSAR 8000W PORTABLE DUAL FUEL GENERATOR - Best Reliability During Outages

The Pulsar PG10000BRCO is a pioneer in new dual-fuel energy and provides reliable power during all your energy emergencies. Being one of the best portable dual-fuel generators available right now, it efficiently alternates between liquid propane and gasoline.

The Pulsar eliminates all the deficiencies of propane fuel and retains all its good qualities by running on gasoline as well. It can deliver an impressive peak wattage, making it shine as a backup power solution. 

Pulsar is known for its high-quality dual-fuel generators, so if the PG10000BRCO doesn’t have the ideal output for you, just check out the other items in their product line!


  • Power: 10,000W/8,000W (gasoline), 9,000W/7,200W (LPG)
  • Engine: 420cc, 4-stroke, OHV, air-cooled, powder-coated steel frame
  • Start options: Remote, Electric, Recoil
  • Outlets: Four 120V GFCI AC, one 120V/240V 50A RV, one 120V/240V twist-lock (L14-30R)
  • Portability: Fold-down handles and 12" never-flat wheels
  • Digital meter: Voltage, frequency, run time, total hours, maintenance data
  • Dual-fuel: Propane hose included for switching fuel sources
  • Fuel tank: 6.6 Gal., up to 8.5 hours at half load on gasoline
  • Eco-friendly: CARB & EPA Approved

The Pulsar Portable Dual Fuel Generator - Best Wattage

The Pulsar PG15KVTW 12000W Portable Dual Fuel Generator with Electric Start is a true powerhouse, delivering a substantial 15,000 peak watts and consistent 12,000 rated watts to handle various power requirements effortlessly.

Powered by a robust 713cc V-Twin Cylinder engine, this generator guarantees consistent performance. Its standout feature is the dual fuel capability, offering a choice between gasoline and propane as fuel sources, ensuring adaptability for various scenarios. 

The generator is designed for durability and convenience with a heavy-duty frame, large wheels, and foldable handles. The electric push-start mechanism enhances usability, making the Pulsar PG15KVTW a dependable and versatile power solution for home backup, job sites, or recreation.


  • Fuel tank: 10.6 Gal., extended runtime for power outages
  • Digital meter: Hour, fuel, ATS capability for monitoring and management
  • Outlets: Multiple types for device and appliance compatibility
  • Engine: OHV technology for fuel efficiency and smooth operation
  • Voltage: AVR for stable output and device protection
  • Eco-friendly: EPA and CARB compliant

The Ecoflow 1800W Dual Fuel Smart Generator: Best For Fuel Efficiency 

When it comes to backup power, the EcoFlow Smart Generator stands out from the rest. With dual fuel support, it offers fantastic fuel conversion efficiency, ease of use, and fewer emissions with either LPG (Propane) or gas. 

You can easily connect it in parallel with your EcoFlow DELTA Max, Pro, or Power Kits, this smart generator is the perfect companion for your portable power station. It’s one of the most eco-friendly options when it comes to fuel-based generators and is a great choice if you don’t want maintenance ever to prove to be a hassle. 


  • Charging: Auto-charge DELTA Pro/Max or Power Kits at certain level for efficiency
  • App: Control and monitor Smart Generator remotely for peace of mind
  • Alerts: Five methods, including carbon monoxide, for safety priority
  • Power: Up to 5.4kWh (gasoline) or 20kWh (LPG), up to 12.5 hours (LPG) of runtime
  • Fuel: Fuel-efficient, less noise, fewer emissions
  • AC appliances: Use and recharge batteries simultaneously
  • Start options: Electric button, app, manual starter grip
  • Maintenance: Easy access door, noise muffler

Ecoflow Delta MAX 2000 Power Station + 1X 1800W Dual Fuel Smart Generator - Most Versatile

This ingenious backup power solution combines cutting-edge technology with dual fuel versatility, offering you the ability to choose between gasoline and propane (LPG) to keep your home, RV, or outdoor activities running smoothly.

This powerhouse takes the efficiency of the Smart Generator and pairs it with the convenience of EcoFlows staple power station. This duo can be your only power solution at home, easily handling all power outages as they bring all your appliances back to life in an instant


  • Dual fuel: Switch between gasoline and propane for efficiency, convenience, and less emissions
  • Charging: Recharge from 0 to 80% in 65 minutes, combine AC and Smart Generator for 3400W speed
  • X-Boost: Power heavy-duty devices up to 3400W capacity
  • Solar: Use Smart Generator as solar home energy source for low demands
  • App: Control and monitor generator status and performance remotely
  • Regulator: Simplify fuel switching with built-in regulator and switch
  • Power: Up to 5.4kWh (gasoline) or 20kWh (LPG), up to 12.5 hours (LPG) of runtime

Understanding Dual Fuel Generators

Dual fuel generators are like the Swiss Army knives of electricity — running on both gasoline and propane to keep things rolling when the lights go out. Essentially, they let you have a backup plan for your backup plan.

The way it’s more efficient than regular generators is this: Gasoline might be more accessible and energy-dense, but propane is a more steady and reliable fuel with a longer shelf life. 

With emerging technology and upgrades, these generators are more self-sufficient as well — they effortlessly switch between fuels to keep the power flowing without a hiccup.

It’s important to note it's not just about emergencies. The best dual fuel generators can be your go-to for camping trips and outdoor parties and even as a reliable source of power at home. 

Best Dual Fuel Generators Buyer’s Guide: What to look for 

When it comes to choosing the best dual fuel generator for backup power, there are a lot of things to consider. While you can be flexible with some factors, others require your full attention. These are:

Power Output

The generator's power output (measured in watts (W)) directly impacts its ability to bring your essential devices to life. A higher wattage means that appliances like refrigerators, heaters, and lights can operate seamlessly under the generator's guard, providing you with the comfort and functionality you need during outages.

Swift Charging for Quick Response

Having rapid charging capabilities can be a game-changer in critical situations. A generator that charges quickly ensures your backup power source is ready when you need it the most. You want to ensure that when the lights go out, you won’t have to wait a second before they come back on.

Device Compatibility

Ensuring that the generator can handle your high-wattage appliances is crucial. Some devices – like Air conditioners and your HVAC (Heating and Ventilation) – can take up a lot of power. Make sure your generator can carry the load whenever put to the task. 

Whether it's powering up your refrigerator to keep your food from going stale or running power tools for essential tasks — device compatibility directly impacts the generator's utility during emergencies.

Safety Features

While it’s not part of a generator's output or prime functionality, safety should be paramount when choosing a generator. Features like carbon monoxide alerts protect your household from potential hazards. 

Similarly, overload protection and low-oil shutdown mechanisms extend the lifespan of the generator and prevent damage without you having to chime in and take a look.


Lastly, consider portability for added convenience. Whether it's for outdoor activities or relocating around your property, a portable generator with features like a compact design, built-in handles, or wheels offers flexibility during uncertain times.

Making The Final Decision

Getting the best dual fuel generators alleviates a lot of stress on your part, especially when you live in parts where consistent power is always a question mark. However, when you’re looking for good dual generators for sale, you also need to take other considerations aside from the ones above.

Make sure you look at the company’s reputation and after-sales support. Looking for a reliable warranty, quality insurance, and a consistent customer support staff is just as important as searching for great features, as it displays the company's confidence in its product. 

Harnessing Power Flexibility: Dual Fuel Generators for Any Occasion

Dual Fuel generators aren't just a fancy new energy solution to hit the market. They come with several benefits. The right dual fuel generator can come in handy in any situation. Here's just a brief overview of all the advantages it can give you:

Emergency Preparedness

Dual Fuel Generators let you stay prepared for any sudden power outages or loadshedding. These generators are well equipped to handle large appliances, and can often be set on automatic to ensure you don't have to interrupt your work or errands.

Job Sites And Home Projects

These generators aren't just reliable home backup options, they're also great for office spaces, job sites and home projects. Don't worry about the power output — you can expand their wattage by running multiple dual fuel generators in parallel. Make sure you properly assess your power needs before investing in a dual fuel generator system.

Flexible Fuel Options

Let's be honest, we don't always have access to gasoline, petrol or propane on demand. Fossil fuels can be an uncertain avenue, with price fluctuations and scarcity always looming overhead. 

That's why having multiple fuel options can be such a lifesaver. You can stick to the abundant but energy-dry propane when gasoline isn't accessible, and switch to the latter once your energy requirements go up.

Reduced Emissions

Dual Fuel Generators – especially ones with Inverter capabilities – have much fewer emissions when compared to their traditional counterparts. These efficient power solutions utilize just the right amount of fuel needed to power your appliances, making sure no fuel is wasted in emissions or inefficient combustions

FAQs About Dual Fuel Generators

We answer the internet's most asked questions about the best dual fuel generators.

What Is The Run Time Of A Dual Fuel Generator?

A standard dual fuel generator can continuously run for around six to twelve hours, although more recent models are able to cross that mark and run for longer due to their size and efficiency.

Which Dual Fuel Generators Are The Most Efficient?

Inverter Dual Fuel generators are the most efficient. They manage the amount of power that reaches appliances without overshooting or undershooting, ensuring maximum efficiency.

What Is The Difference Between Diesel-Powered And Petrol Powered Generators?

Diesel-powered generators are designed to support more heavy-duty appliances, while petrol-powered generators are more suited towards moderate power consumption. However, diesel fuel has higher emissions and a greater carbon footprint.

We Have The Best Dual Fuel Generators Money Can Buy

Traditional generators can’t compare to the best dual fuel generators. You need to assess your own needs and requirements first, because the smallest differences can make or break the product for you.

Solar Paradise is the best place to buy generators that suit your needs exactly. We have a comprehensive collection of dual-fuel, portable, and solar generators for backup power solutions. 

Contact us if you have any queries about our products, and our dedicated team members will respond promptly.

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