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Best Solar Generators


As more and more consumers begin to look for ways to power their homes without being so reliant on the grid, solar generators are becoming an option. They’re always on, collect sunlight for free, and can power at least some of your home in an emergency. The best solar generators will be easy to use, set up, benefit from and store well within your home. Let’s look at the best-selling models and see what they offer.

General Specs

What do the best solar generators offer, and what should you look for? The best of these products will offer you an intuitive, simple way to plug in your devices, phones, or anything else in your house that you may need to power temporarily. They will be easy to set up and understand, with clear instructions and quick usability. It would be awkward and dangerous to fumble around for hours in the dark, trying to get your generator to work. 

The device should be sturdy, well-made, and durable. It should be made from rigid materials and should have a variety of methods you can use to keep it charged ahead of time. 


Solar generators offer several advantages over gas-powered models. For one thing, they’re quieter. Everyone on the block knows that someone in your neighborhood is running a gas-powered generator. Those things are loud! Solar is essentially silent. It’s also safer, too, in that you don’t need to be working with a flammable liquid or noxious fumes. 

Solar power is also one of those natural, “always on” resources.  True, cloudy days will give you little to no power, but the sun isn’t dependent on the grid or the power company to shine. It’s free. Thus, it’s free to charge up your solar generator, and free to have that extra power when needed. You won’t have to drive to the gas station to buy fuel. In an emergency, you can stay put and point your solar panel at the sun instead of lining up with other frustrated, scared people at the fuel pump. 

Jackery Explorer 550


The Jackery Explorer 550 is a top-seller and offers users a remarkable amount of value and usability. The Jackery Explorer comes with an easy-to-setup 1,000-watt solar panel and gives out 550-watt hours of energy. The Jackery Explorer is powered by next-gen lithium-ion batteries and utilizes a combination of nickel, manganese, and cobalt to power the unit. Recharge your 550 with direct AC power on a good day, solar power, or through your automobile with the car outlet.

The solar panel is up to 23% more efficient than competing models, meaning you can get the most out of the sun’s power when needed. It unfolds to about four feet in length and has built-in kickstands, making it easy to carry and position. The solar panel will give you about 100 watts of power at 18 volts and weighs just over 10 lbs.  

The Jackery generator is also relatively small, less than a foot in length, meaning it can be transported and set up just about anywhere. This generator has an AC outlet, DC port, and multiple USB ports to power your devices, communications, and phones. An LCD display will help you monitor your power levels and let you know how much power you’re using. This model also has a convenient carrying handle, a built-in LED flashlight, and a 12-volt car outlet. It’s an all-around survival tool that can help save lives in a crisis. 

Jackery Explorer 290

The Jackery Explorer 290 is the little brother of the 550 and is slightly smaller and more compact. However, it still does well in an emergency and can be a huge help when the power goes out.  The 290 gives you 290 watt-hours of energy, and comes with a lithium-ion NMC (nickel, magnesium, cobalt) battery. Like the 550, the 290 can be charged with an AC power socket, the accompanying solar panel, or your car. 

You can also charge devices, phones, and equipment with an AC outlet and two USB outlets. An LED display will help you track how much power you’ve used and how much power you’re getting if charging the generator. Power up your cell phone or a computer in an emergency, and give yourself enough juice to shine a light or keep a micro-car fridge running. 

It’s smaller and more compact at just 9.1 inches, making it great for camping trips and outdoor adventures. The 18-volt solar panel it comes equipped with will give you 100 watts of power, and can be easily transported in a car or off-road vehicle. It unfolds into a helpful four feet in length and can be positioned anywhere you need it to soak up rays. 

The Jackery Explorer 290 is a simple yet effective little machine and should be carried by anyone planning to do off-roading, camping, or fishing away from civilization. It’s portable, compact, easy to set up, and an investment worth making. It can keep you connected, safe, and independent until help arrives. 


There you have it, the best solar generator models by sale rate and customer satisfaction. We hope this run-through has been helpful and has helped you better understand the benefits and uses of a solar-powered generator. They’re easy to carry, easy to use, and simple to set up. They’re also safer and quieter than a gasoline-powered generator and can help you easily power small appliances and devices. They’re also great for outdoor adventures, backpacking, camping, and road trips. You can keep one in the car or RV for emergencies and be ready for anything. If you think a solar-powered generator is suitable for your needs, consider adding one to your family’s preparedness pack; when the next hurricane, derecho, or tornado blows through, you’ll be happy you have it on hand. 

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