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Top Camping Generators [2023 Full Guide]

Only a few things beat the feeling of setting up a camp and connecting with nature. But just because you are in the wild doesn’t mean you should be without the comforts of modern living.

So, before leaving for your camping trip, cross-check that you’ve packed everything– a tent, sleeping bag, pillows, sausages, and finally, a generator. No worries if you don’t have one, we’ve compiled for you the top camping generators money can get you. 

It’s not camping unless your devices are charged, and your beer is cold. Let’s get right into it.



The List: Top Camping Generators

Best Overall - Bluetti AC200Max + 3x PV200 Home Battery Backup Solar Generator Kit 


  • 2000 Wh battery and 2200W peak output.
  • Rechargeable using both wall outlets and solar power.
  • Multiple port output options for your devices.

Why save the best for last when we can outright begin with it? Bluetti Home Battery Backup Solar Generator’s performance is as good as its looks. Not many generators look this stylish.

But even without the looks, this generator is a beast, delivering top-notch performance. It has a continuous output of 1200W and peaks at 1800W. This is more than sufficient power to run appliances such as smartphones, laptops, and mini-fridges.

Its multiple charging ports also allow you to charge your devices simultaneously. And when you don’t have gas with you, you can also charge it using solar– although this will take slightly longer, 3 hours compared to the usual 1.6 hours. 

Overall, this generator is powerful, reliable, and versatile, making it well-suited for emergency situations and outdoor adventures. What’s there not to like about it?

Best Portability - BougeRV 1100Wh + 1x 200W Solar Panel Solar Generator Kit 


  • Lightweight with a built-in handle for easy portability.
  • 2X longer lifetime than other cylindrical batteries.
  • 200W solar panel and 1200W lithium-ion battery.
  • 4 to 5 hours charge time.

If you are as lazy as me, always looking to pack the lightest, guess what? BougeRV Solar Panel Solar Generator Kit is lightweight and won’t consume much of your space. Like the company’s slogan– limitless energy, limitless life.

The kit includes a 1100Wh portable solar generator and 200W 12V solar Panels. You can adjust both kits to whatever angle you want. And with its built-in handles, carrying it around should be super easy. Aluminum is used in the construction as it is corrosion-resistant.

There’s an LED display that makes using the generator even easier. You can keep track of the battery capacity, charging status, and error information. It becomes easy to prevent overheating, short circuits, and overcharging, among others.

Runner Up to Most Portable – Enernova Smart PEPS300 300W + 1x SP18100 100W Solar Panel Solar Generator Kit 


  • Rechargeable using AC wall outlet and solar panel.
  • Multiple output ports.
  • 288Wh lithium-ion battery capacity and 300W peak power 

When there’s little space left for your camping gear, Enernova Smart Solar Generator Kit will fit right in perfectly. The company designed this generator to be as compact as possible while at the same time providing a variety of power supplies.

It features a foldable handle that allows you to carry it with ease. On top of that, it has three light modes SOS, strong light, and reading light), an LED large-screen display, and a 10W wireless charging function.

Like the Lion Energy Safari Generator, this one is also constructed using Lithium Iron Phosphate. It will withstand up to 3,000+ cycles and last you up to 10 years, even with daily use. And while its peak power isn’t the highest, it will comfortably power your small appliances.

Safest Generator - Lion Energy Safari ME 922Wh Portable Solar Generator 


  • Its Lithium Iron Phosphate doesn’t emit any toxic gasses or fumes.
  • Very Lightweight, 45lbs.
  • Multiple outputs for your devices.

If safety is your top concern, the Lion Energy Safari Portable Solar Generator will be perfect for you. This machine scoops our award for the safest generator– and rightfully so.

It is made from Lithium Iron Phosphate and doesn’t emit any toxic fumes. Lithium Iron Phosphate is the safest, highest-grade battery composition available. Plus, the generator goes through extensive testing before leaving Lion Energy. In other words, you are perfectly safe using the generator.

But aside from that, you’ll only spend 95 minutes charging the generator. Its 922 wattage isn’t the highest on the list, but it should be sufficient for your devices. We also love how lightweight it is. At only 45 pounds, carrying the generator will prove hassle-free.

Fastest Charging - EcoFlow River Pro + 1x 220W Solar Panel Solar Generator Kit 


  • 1.6 hours charging time using a wall outlet and 3 hrs using solar.
  • 720 Wh battery capacity and 1440W peak power.
  • Lightweight design for easy portability.
  • Multiple charging options for devices.

We are slightly lying when we say that the EcoFlow River Solar Power Generator is the fastest charging on our list. Lion Energy Safari charges a minute faster than it, but this one produces slightly more power. 

It will only take you 96 minutes to charge the generator using a wall outlet and 3 hours using solar. The result is 1000 wattage of power which is more than enough to grill your meat. And it has multiple ports for charging different devices.

Unlike most generators, this one uses NMC batteries instead of lithium. The batteries have a better life cycle and higher energy density, resulting in better performance.

Easy to Use – Pulsar PG15KVTW 12000W Portable Dual Fuel Generator with Electric Start 


  • Dual fuel capability with propane or gasoline.
  • Folding handles and oversized wheels for easy transportation.
  • Electric Push Start for Quick and Easy Operation.

To make up for its heavy weight, Pulsar Portable Dual Fuel Generator comes with oversized wheels and folding handles for easy transportation. And if you can get over this generator's ‘basic’ design, you’ll love this generator’s features and overall performance.

To begin with, it features plenty of outlets for you to power your devices simultaneously. Its 12,000 watts of power (peak at 15,000) should help you weather the storm. It relies on gasoline and comes with a 10.6-gallon fuel tank.

Nothing complicated about using this generator– you only need to push a button, and you’re good to go. When the lights go out or when you are in the middle of nowhere, you can rely on the Pulsar Generator to save the day.

Most Lightweight – Jackery 2000 Pro_2SS200 + 2x SolarSaga 200W Solar Panel Solar Generator Kit 


  • Has 2 200-watt solar panels.
  • Lightweight at only 43 lbs.
  • Has a 3-year warranty. 

Coming in at only 43 pounds, Jackery 2000 Pro Solar Panel Generator Kit is a contender for the lightest generator. And to top it up, it has a 3-year warranty. Maybe all the hype around it is justified after all.

The kit comes with two 200-watt solar panels. It is fast charging, and you can go back to enjoying outdoor life more quickly. This power seems like a joke when compared to generators like Bluetti, but it should comfortably power your small appliances.

This generator is strictly solar-powered, no gas. While this limits the amount of power it generates, it also means that no toxic and unpleasant fumes are emitted, and two, your camping will be quiet all through. There is a bright side to it. 

Coolest Design - Montek X1000 1000W + 1x 80W Solar Panel Solar Generator Kit


  • 1024Wh lithium-ion battery capacity and 1000W peak power 
  • Rechargeable using AC wall outlet and solar panel.
  • Features a built-in adapter.

Last but not least is the Montek Solar Panel Solar Generator Kit. Like most generators on our list, it has numerous charging ports for several devices (7 to be precise). But unlike any of them, this one comes with a built-in adapter. There is no need to carry one separately.

We loved its battery system management that monitors individual battery cells and health. It also has a 6-layer safety system for added protection

The generator’s 1000 wattage of power should sufficiently power your devices such as laptop, smartphone and mini-fridge. There is no better way of avoiding more power outages than with the Montek generator. It is lightweight, it is reliable plus it looks good. Have we mentioned that it is shock and water-resistant?

Final Thoughts on Top Camping Generators

What a better world we live in now that you can find the perfect generator to suit your needs. Camping has never been this fun. 

There are hundreds of other incredible generators, and as much as we’d like to tell you all about them, we can’t fit them all in. So, in the event that none of our top 8 camping generators amuses you (it happens), check through our collection of portable generators. You can’t miss one that’s destined for you. 

And feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions. We are always happy to help!

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