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Power on the Go: Pulsar 6000-Watt Generator

If it's from Pulsar, you can trust that the power is in your hands, quite literally. In a world where power outages will turn your day upside down, it's essential to have a reliable backup power source nearby.

Among Pulsar's portfolio is the PG7500 6000-Watt generator. This gas-powered generator is popular among RV owners and outdoor enthusiasts. But does it live up to its name? We review the Pulsar 6000-Watt Generator, walking you through its features and shedding light on valuable insights.

Overview of the Pulsar 6000-Watt Generator

The PG7500 is a powerful and compact beast that still manages to look cool. Its design is a harmony of function and form, making every of its angle and curve purposeful. It has an intuitive layout with clear buttons and labels.

Here is a breakdown of its specifications.


Engine: 420 cc (15 hp) Ducar OHV 4-stroke engine 

Fuel: Gasoline

Fuel Capacity: 6.6 Gallons

Running Watts: 6000 W

Peak Watts: 7500 W

Product Weight: 185 lbs (84 kg)

Product Dimensions: 27 L x 22.4 W x 21.6 H Inches

Noise: 74 dBA

Warranty: 2 Years

Price: Check Price


This hunk of a machine is beautiful—something that didn't surprise us given that it is from Pulsar. The company seems to have struck the code of subtly balancing aesthetics and performance.

But beneath the generator's sleek exterior is a robust construction that performs incredibly well under pressure and will withstand daily elements and rigors. Its construction is engineered toward longevity and reliability.

The generator's casing confidently protects the engine from dirt, dust, and the occasional rain—because, as we all know, generators and water aren't the best of allies.

Power Output

The PG7500 runs on gasoline with a 420 cc (15 hp) Ducar OHV 4-stroke engine. While it peaks at 7500W, it runs at 6000W, which is still massively impressive. It will comfortably handle different loads, from small appliances to power-hungry equipment and tools.

Fuel Type and Runtime

Power, check. Fuel? PG7500 is a gas guzzler, the stuff you use on cars and occasionally smell during traffic. Gasoline is widely accessible and reliable, whether you are using it for outdoor activities or as backup during outages.

It has a fuel capacity of 6.6 gallons and will operate for roughly 13 hours at 50% load. However, the runtime will vary depending on the load.


There are six AC outlets that will accommodate various appliances and devices. There is also a one DC outlet that allows you to charge your batteries easily.

The generator is not quite RV ready but comes with an L5-30R receptacle. You can use it to connect to your RV.

This diverse range of outlets means that you can connect and power your devices simultaneously. It helps you maximize the generator's utility.



Nope, at 185 lbs., this generator isn't portable or anywhere close to it. It is heavy, and lifting and transporting it manually can prove to be challenging. Pulsar fitted it with a folding handle and wheel kit to help with this.

As for its dimensions, the generator has a length of 27 inches, 22.4 inches width, and 21.6 inches height. With its open-frame design, you can lift it off the ground.

Noise Level

While gas generators are popular for their ease of use, they can also be notoriously loud. Different gas-powered generators will produce varying levels of noise during operation. The PG7500 is, unfortunately, on the higher end of this.

It registers a noise level of 74 dBA, louder than a vacuum cleaner, and almost similar to music in a living room. Its noise is the same as the Pulsar 3250 Generator.

You may want to consider this if you are to use the generator in noise-sensitive or residential environments.

Portable generators are not as powerful as these, but they are way quieter.

Is The Pulsar 6000-Watt Generator Worth It?

Time to make a choice. Is this generator worth your time and money?

We love the Pulsar 6000-Watt Generator for:

  • Reasonable pricing.
  • High run time (12 hours).
  • Fuel efficiency.

We still feel it comes short in a few areas.

  • Its 74 dBA comes on the noisy side.
  • It's relatively heavy, although its wheels and handles help with moving it.

The Pulsar 6000-Watt Generator is more than a machine; it is your power buddy. With the push of a button and some gasoline, it will also power your life and a few of your appliances. It is stylish, efficient, and reliable. Sure, it is slightly heavy, but it gets the job done.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will a 6000-watt generator run a house?

The Pulsar 6000-watt generator will power almost everything in your house, including the TV, fridge, freezer, furnace fan, and lights. Its fuel tank is large enough to last long, even with a load.

How much oil does a Pulsar 6000 generator take?

The specific oil capacity of the Pulsar 6000 will vary with the model, but generally, it will consume around 20.2 ounces (0.6 l) of oil. Refer to the manufacturer's manual for the exact oil capacity.

How do you start a Pulsar 6000w generator?

You simply need to lightly pull the starter grip of the generator until you feel resistance, then pull it briskly. It's that simple.

How long can a pulsar generator run?

The Pulsar 6000-watt generator will operate for 12 hours continuously at half load. This makes it the perfect option for prolonged periods of use.

At Mobility Paradise, we've got a broad collection of generators for different power needs. We have everything for your outdoor adventures and in case of outages. Contact us, and our team will answer your questions, provide expert advice, and guide you toward the perfect power solution.

Don't miss out on the convenience and reliable power of backup generators.

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