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EcoFlow Delta Pro 3600Wh Smart Extra Battery

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(800) 557-4962

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EcoFlow Delta Pro 3600Wh Smart Extra Battery

EcoFlow Delta Pro 3600Wh Smart Extra Battery

$1,999.00 $2,799.00
EcoFlow Delta Pro 3600Wh Smart Extra Battery

EcoFlow Delta Pro 3600Wh Smart Extra Battery

Your Final Price: (Includes Free Shipping + No Add'l Fees Added At Checkout)
$2,799.00 $1,999.00
You Save: $800.00 29%

EcoFlow Delta Pro 3600Wh Smart Extra Battery

Add Extra Juice to Your EcoFlow Delta Pro Power Station!

Add capacity to your seamlessly with the EcoFlow 3600Wh Smart Extra Battery. This is an add-on battery made for use only with the Delta Pro, and it features the same gigantic 3600 watt/hour capacity for powering big appliances and power tools. You can connect two Smart Extra Batteries for a staggering 10.8 kWh capacity ideal for off-grid locations. Use for the RV, your home, food trucks, or have it on your business. You can seamlessly link up to two Delta Smart Batteries (purchase separately) for even more power capacity.

This battery has several charging options for your convenience. The EcoFlow 3600Wh Smart Battery can even be charged on an EV charging station. Once connected to the Delta Pro, the Smart Battery (or batteries) will be charged and discharged in unison, so the battery level will remain the same across all units. You will find it handy in various situations, such as operating power tools for event spaces, using equipment such as stoves, speakers, and TVs, and using electronics for camping, where using power outlets is not feasible. The EcoFlow Smart Extra Battery comes in a durable polymer shell package that you can bring anywhere.

The EcoFlow 3600Wh Smart Extra Battery is powered by new-generation LFP (lithium iron phosphate) batteries, which have excellent energy capacity and longer life (3,600 cycles to 80% capacity). The battery alone can be hooked to a wall outlet or in your car’s outlet or charged with solar panels. You can now operate your electronics and tools during power outages or have emergency power during inclement weather. 

Like the Delta Pro, the Smart Battery comes with the same safety features. It comes with a large LCD screen so you can keep an eye on everything, so purchase the EcoFlow 3600Wh Smart Extra Battery here at Solar Paradise!

  • Make your EcoFlow Delta Pro more powerful with the 3600Wh Smart Extra Battery. Add capacity seamlessly by simply plugging the battery into the Delta Pro. You will love using this power station to power up your electronics and tools. Use it for fieldwork, camping, events, construction, parties, gatherings, and a power backup at home.
  • Like the Delta Pro, packs a massive 3.6-kilowatt-hour capacity and delivers 3,600 watts of power, which is more than enough for power tools, large-screen TVs, toasters, freezers, washing machines, and speakers. It has a max output of 4,260 watts of power. You can bring the smart battery and the power station on distant adventures and have power.
  • Have it in your home as a power backup, use in your RV, houseboat, food truck, or carry in a vehicle and use for your business. The EcoFlow 3600Wh Smart Extra Battery is somewhat portable, measuring 25” inches L x 11.2” inches W x 16.4” inches H, and weighs only 84 lbs. It can be carried by two persons and transported in a car. Bring it on road trips!
  • Connect and charge the EcoFlow Delta Pro, and the Smart Extra Battery (or batteries) will be charged at the same time. It is powered by the newest lithium-iron-phosphate batteries, which have a very high power capacity and excellent longevity (more than 3,600 cycles to 80% capacity). The unit, when fully charged, has a shelf life of one year. 

Move with Power with EcoFlow!

A portable power station is advantageous for off-grid and a power backup for homes or businesses. Now you can have a ready power source in case of blackouts or bring it to distant locations and still use your electrical equipment or devices. Now you can watch TV or use your laptop during camping. 

Get the best with EcoFlow. We create the world’s most innovative and eco-friendly power solutions for you. Our devices are complete with safety features and come with UL, CE, FCC, RoHS, TELEC tests, and certifications. Get amazing deals plus tons of freebies when you purchase this EcoFlow 3600Wh Smart Extra Battery here at Solar Paradise!


  • Model Name: Delta Pro Smart Extra Battery
  • Capacity: 3600Wh
  • Battery Chemistry: LFP
  • Battery Cycle Life: 6,500 cycles to 50% capacity, 3,500 cycles to 80% capacity
  • Shelf Life: 1 year (after a full charge)
  • Dimension: 25 x 11.2 x 16.4 in / 63.5 x 28.5 x 41.6 cm
  • Weight: Approx. 84lbs / 38kg

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many extra batteries can I use with Delta Pro?

  • For each Delta Pro unit, you can link an extra two batteries, bringing you up to 10.8kWh of capacity.

What makes the Smart Extra Battery "Smart"?

  • Delta Pro’s Smart Extra Battery can be monitored from the EcoFlow app, allowing you to monitor & control your batteries from afar.

Can I charge the extra battery independently of Delta Pro?

  • Yes, you can. When using the Smart Generator as part of your ecosystem. For other charging methods, you should connect your Smart Extra Battery to the Delta Pro unit first.

Order an EcoFlow Delta Pro 3600Wh Smart Extra Battery Power Station today from Free shipping + free gifts on all of our EcoFlow Power Station Extra Batteries. Buy today and get a discount, free shipping, and a free gift!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
ohyllis bonspille
solar everything

great so far no problems..using on all our 110 appliances...grat customer service

Thomas K.
Use it daily for fast charging devices at home

I bought this for emergencies. But I use it daily for fast charging my devices. It is way faster than any wall outlet. I also can take it with me anywhere if my devices need charging. I also live in an area prone to power outages lasting a few hours, so this is a handy device to always have on hand. I am ready to buy an even bigger one for real emergencies and road trips.

Jose E.
Worth every penny

Having gone through three power outages in the last six weeks including one that lasted 3 1/2 days I needed to do something. I am handicapped and housebound. This generator is worth every penny. I can recharge my phone and also plug in electrical items. It provides 100 hours of power.

Carl M.
Works great..

When the power goes out my computer doesn't.

Cory P.
Power for the people!!!

I am thoroughly pleased with this power source! This company cares about its product and its customers! So easy and simple set up and the led display tells you everything! If you’re shopping around -stop!